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The adoption of children

The adoption of children - Annie Wheeler

The well-known American singer Madonna recently posted a video of her singing with her new twin daughters (singing along to a sweet childish song).

The two little girls are for 4 years old and come from Africa apparently Malawi.  

The American singer was asked a number of questions by a judge who wanted to make sure that she would not simply repeat some well-rehearsed speech.

After quite a few Facial beauty treatment the singer does not look much like she used to. Her body is very fit but her face seems so different from what she used to be. This might be why she appears less and less on magazines. Instead she shows her children as her pride, this is understandable. 

She actually has now four children adopted from Malawi plus the 2 boys she had with Guy Richie and Lourdes she had with some coach. However divorce from her; British movie-maker might wonder how many more she would actually want to adopt.

It is funny to see how many actresses tend to adopt children whether because they can’t have any or do not want to go through the ordeal of putting on weight. 

Australian actress Nicole Kidman as well as well-known American actress Angelina Jolie have also adopted children but for different reasons. 

I think that also Sandra Bullock as well as Charlize Theron adopted children. 

I can’t think of any French actress who did the same but there must be. I guess that maybe it is just less publicized. It would be interesting to see what these children become in a few years’ time; what will they do? Will they work as well in the cinema industry or get into improving the life of their original country? 

Madonna assessed that she adopted the girls because she wanted, I quote: "to offer a home, love, protection and guidance ". 

I have no doubt about her good intentions but I wonder what it must feel like to go from the status of abandoned child in a very poor country to adopted child of such a famous and rich personality. 

Luckily for these 2 little girls they are twins and were adopted together. This is certainly a huge gift the singer is making them for they were not separated. I can’t imagine how painful it would have been for them to live knowing they had a twin sister somewhere, « lost ».

At least they will be able to share and support each other. This is a great advantage. Let’s wish them all the best.


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