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The annoying friend

The annoying friend - Annie Wheeler

I was so happy to see that my favorite series “Once upon a time” was back on TV. I had no idea that season seven was starting these days. I had no watched TV in almost half an year. I had no time. After work, I went to school. I had no spare time left because I enrolled in three classes. By the time I get home from school, I was already drained. Whenever I had an hour to kill, I rather went out for a walk, did some exercise or met with my friends.

Tonight I passed by my sister. She had called me and invited me over. Usually we would meet in the city, somewhere halfway the distance between us. Since I started school, needless to say that our meetings got cancelled or postponed. Today I had no choice, I had to drive all the way to her place. She had threatened to name her friend as the godmother of my soon to be born niece.

When I got there, I regretted not wearing something nicer. They had guests and I was the only person wearing a running outfit. I “thanked” her for not mentioning that little detail to me. How could have I known that she was going to have a small get together?

Anyway, just for fun, I told  everyone out loud that I was doing laundry and those were my only clean clothes left. That prevented them from staring at me for the rest of the evening. While I went upstairs to say “hi” to my older niece, I saw she was watching my favorite series. I gave her a hug and returned downstairs to the party. I got myself a drink and started to chat with some of my sisters’ friends.

One of them, which I did not know too well, despite the fact that her and my sister were friends for more than ten years, was talking about one of her clients. For more than fifteen minutes she explained to what extent her mortgage bad credit affected her. Everyone was so caught up into her story, that no one noticed I was bored to death.

The reason why I was not too keen on seeing or knowing more about my sister’s friend was because I did not consider her as a true friend. She was always craving attention. Whenever she was invited somewhere, she could not stop herself from talking or stealing the lights. Tonight it was supposed to be about my sister and not her. That annoyed me.


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