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An awful day

An awful day - Annie Wheeler

If I hear another word about work, I am going to puke. I had just spent close to seven hours in a matchbox, working with a recently graduated student, who wouldn’t bother to learn a damn thing about anything. I don’t know what is the more offending in all this story. The fact that from all the department, I was the one assigned to work with this student? Or that I was supposed to teach her within a day of training, whatever she failed to learn within the past four years of university classes? Maybe I was simply annoyed to find out that the company was paying her more than me? How was that possible?

When I went to ask the human ressources department about it, I hit a wall. They all said it’s confidential. I guess one of the accounting ladies took pity on me and mentioned that the government was cutting a big slack to the company if they were hiring students. She added that it was more of a manoeuvre. They were getting free money from the government, as it was the latter paying the student’s hourly salary.

Anyway, I had such an awful day at work, that I don’t even feel like going back tomorrow. If it’s going to be the same, I rather stay home and look for another job. It doesn’t look that the company appreciate its employees. The health benefits got cut, the pay is not getting higher, while the workload is only getting bigger and bigger. Since there is no union, seniority does not really matter to them. I assume that if I don’t show up tomorrow, no one will really miss me. That if they’d remember who I was. 

One of my friends mentioned something to me about an opening position where she works. I asked her to send me the details. I think I should forward her my resume, just in case. She doesn’t work in the human ressources department, but she could pass them my CV. If I think better, I don’t know for sure what is her position or title there. I know she was the one who got them the Large room rental company Montreal. Maybe she’s an administrative assistant or maybe even an executive assistant. I should ask her the next time I will speak with her. Oh, I just remembered I have an email she sent me from her work email address. She must have the title appearing on her signature.


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