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Besties or lovers?

Besties or lovers? - Annie Wheeler

Once I finished my skin depigmentation, I went to have dinner with my best friend. It was his birthday one of these past days and I had promised I would see him before the end of the week. Actually I was supposed to pass by his place on Tuesday, but it did not happen. I got another last minute meeting that I could not miss, cancel or postpone. 

As he goes to bed early, I could not see him after the meeting. It ended around 8:30 P.M. From my workplace, usually it takes me about thirty minutes to get to his house. I have to cross the whole city. If I hit the rush hour it takes even more time. 

We had an early dinner at one of the restaurants closer to his place. It felt great to be with him. It cheered me up. He always had this ability of calming me down, of making me see the brighter side of things. I don’t think I have met anyone more positive than him. 

He has been my rock since we were kids. None of our friends or close relatives ever understood the true nature of our relationship. They all believed that we were more than friends. They got it all wrong, as nothing ever happened between us. We were and still are two good friends. 

I would call us soulmates but not in a romantic way. Nothing like that. We simply understood each other better than others did. We cried on each others shoulders and were able to speak the truth anytime without leaving anything out. 

We always got amused when people thought that we were together. At one point seeing that almost everyone was asking us why we were not together since we were such good friends and got along so well, we did asked one another why not? The following second we both bursted into laughter like two children. The idea of us being a couple was hilarious. It did not cross our minds and we could not picture us being together. 

We knew each other way too well and we knew that we should not even consider it because it would not work. We would not be able to keep things the same way if we were romantically involved. It was better for us to be friends and not ruin an amazing friendship that lasted for decades.


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