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Checking for Mold Can Be a Game Changer for Your Health

Checking for Mold Can Be a Game Changer for Your Health - Annie Wheeler

What I had not known before it that mold can be a real issue in your home. We think of the fact of if you see mold on your walls, or in some spot on your floor then you must have some kind of a problem, but the truth is that mold can be a lot more prevalent in your home, even if you don’t see it. This is why it is not safe to just believe you don’t have a mold issue, simply because you don’t see any black or green splotches around your home.

A few years ago I found that I was having a lot more difficulty breathing. It came on kind of suddenly, and my husband was getting very concerned about me. We weren’t really sure what to do about the situation, so we went to a doctor who eventually sent us to a respiratory specialist.

In his initial examination he found that I was having some acute respiratory problems that seemed rather odd. Then he made a suggestion the kind of blew my husband and I away. He told us that we should look to hire an air quality testing Montreal professional to come out, and do an evaluation of the air in her home to ensure that it was safe.

To be honest, at first I was a little insulted, because in our neighborhood I am known as the original clean freak. My neighbors kid that there would never be dirt or dust found in my home, because they are afraid of me. Have disinfectant will travel is my motto. This is why the suggestion of checking the air quality seemed absolutely ridiculous to me.

But we did as he asked. We called for an air quality testing specialist to come out and review our home, and the results shocked us. We discovered that there were low levels of mold particles to were actually in the air. This meant I was breathing in those particles and they were causing a respiratory distress. I didn’t really understand how this can be possible, but the specialist did an evaluation of the home and found that there were a couple of spots within the walls were small amounts of water were sleeping in and allowing mold to blossom.

We had those spots fixed right away. We also ensured that we got an air purifier to get rid of the mold problem. Now I am much better.


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