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CNC cutting can really enhance the packaging for your business

CNC cutting can really enhance the packaging for your business - Annie Wheeler

There is a lot that goes into making a successful business. Many people think it is the really big things that make you a success, such as having the perfect location, or the exact right pricing. While things like that are incredibly important, it is often the very small things that make the biggest difference. That is what I soon realized after I decided to go with new packaging for my company.

A friend of mine talked to me about having new packaging created for the goods that we shipped, and the more he talked to me the more I realized what he was saying made sense. I often need unusual packaging sizes for the goods that I send out, but I still wanted all the amenities that came with having the company logo on the outside of the box or container. Waste has been a big deal for us for quite some time because we were having to ship materials in packages that were far larger than what we needed. This was adding an 11 percent increase to the overall business expenses. That is a lot.

What he suggested to me was having my packages created by a company that did CNC cutting. This sounded like a crazy suggestion at first, but the more he explained it to me the more I realized that what he was talking about made a lot of sense.

A cnc cutting machine can make perfect cuts on the packaging that just fits exactly the size that we needed. The device was not only able to make all the precision cuts that were required, but was able to ensure that the log appeared on the package exactly where I wanted it.

This was a true blessing for sure. It not only saved us a huge amount of money, but the customers were quite impressed by the look of the packaging. Quite a few commented to me about how really professional our materials looked and wondered if someone else had taken over the business. I laughed because I realized that something so simple can make a real difference.

I will admit that it costs slightly more to have these packages built to specification, but the overall expenses are down. That 11 percent in packaging waste is just three percent now, and that is a huge savings to my business. I am so glad my friend recommended this to me.


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