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Fear of syringes

Fear of syringes - Annie Wheeler

Today I decided to rest and not to go to work because I am simply so tired after the awful night I spent taking care of my son. Unfortunately he was sick all night long. It is my fault I must say because I let him eat it an ice cream right after his dinner and I'm afraid that the ice cream had gone bad. It is very easy to forget things and delay them. I had kept ice creams from last summer in the freezer and thought it might still be good but it looks like it was not … I have no idea why he likes having ice cream as a dessert in the middle of winter but there are things we are not meant to understand especially when it comes to children and eating preferences … His father also had a strange taste for things I didn't know these things existed. He was very fond of tacos which are nice but not something I would eat every day. More than that he ended up eating worms once on a special trekking trip he had taken with a friend to China. Am not saying my son would eat worms, but well. Certainly I would not!

He used to like industrial food. It is usually too chemical for me as I prefer more natural things; this is why I would consider such things as acupuncture but never mesotherapy which involves injections. The simple idea of a syringe makes me faint so there is no way I would turn to that. However a friend of mine tried it and was very happy with it but I would never dare honestly! The only time I get a syringe inside my veins is when I need to do some check-up, and only if need be really. Considering how seldom I go to the doctor that happens … maybe twice a year only! 

A friend of mine who is nurse ends up using syringes most days. She could not stand the sight of it at first but is now well used to it. I really admire her! How can you plant such thing into someone else’s vein! Thanks God no one never did anything wrong to me but it could have happened! Diabetics must inject themselves insulin almost every day that must be quite a pain. I feel sorry for them!


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