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Grandma’s a tough cookie

Grandma’s a tough cookie - Annie Wheeler

My grandparents worked in the army for thirty five years. When they retired, they sold the huge farm they had in Ohio and moved down South. They used to have a twenty acres of land, with cows and many other animals. They had built everything in there: the houses, the barn, the garage, the workshop, the green houses, etc.

They were getting old and tired of working from morning until night fall. I remembered grandpa said that it was time to be lazy and enjoy the sun. Not that he would have done that. No! Once they moved to Panama, both of them started to renovate the property they had purchased from one of their friends. They redid the house and landscaped the yard completely. For one year they worked around the clock.

Two months later my grandpa had another heart attack and he died. Where did that leave my grandma? She was all by herself in a foreign country, feeling sad and lost. It took her two months to get back on her feet. When the whole thing happened, I called her and talked to her. I was not able to fly all the way there. I remember she said that she had grandpa incinerated. She added that his ashes were with her. She even joked saying he turned into a genie.

Given that he was a veteran, the army was going to have him buried in Washington, in the Arlington cemetery. They were supposed to get back to her and give her a day for the funeral, so that she could do the rest of the arrangements. 

At the moment she was not decided if she would continue to reside outside U.S. or no. It was too soon to take any big decisions.

Yesterday, while I was on the phone with the company of truck rental mississauga, I got an email from her. She was informing me that the funeral was scheduled for April 20th, and she wished to know if we would be able to attend it. 

As soon as I was done with my phone call, I dialled her number. She did not answer. Then I tried to contact her on Skype. She replied right away. I confirmed my presence to the funeral and continued to talk to her for an hour or so. I was happy to see she was handling everything quite well. She mentioned she had put her property for sale. She was planning to stay in Ohio, get a small apartment and live closer to her sister.


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