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It’s a cold May!

It’s a cold May! - Annie Wheeler

Once my little buddy fell asleep, I went to kitchen, opened my tea cabinet and took the green tea box out. I put the kettle on and waited for the water to boil. The short walk I had outside made me feel cold and my back feels weird.

Despite the fact that is already May and it was a sunny day, the temperature refused to go higher. My thermometer showed only eight degrees this morning, and it stayed the same until now.

I went out to buy some milk for my coffee from Maxi which is only three blocks away. Seeing the sun bright up in the sky, I imagined that it was warmer than eight degrees Celsius. Thus I left the house wearing only slim cotton hoodie on top of my t-shirt. I did not expect to be cold. My mistake! I guess that I did not notice it was windy when I checked the weather on the balcony, prior to going out.

Once I was out on the street and I felt the cold wind, I did consider for a second going back up and taking a more appropriate jacket. Then I told myself that Maxi was not far and if I walk fast, I would be fine, I won't be bothered by the wind. I forgot that I am not in my twenties anymore. Then I could have pulled a stunt like this without any repercussion.

At my age, the price I have to pay might be a bit high: my back is a bit stuck. I noted that when I try to turn on any of sides, it hurts. The last time that happened, it was an alarm signal for what was to come: a full episode of lumbosciatic that lasted for almost a week.

I prayed that this time, it won't be the same. I had a lot of things scheduled for the upcoming two weeks and I needed to be in shape. I could not afford to be sick or unable to work. I already had a migraine treatment because of a second mortgage that I had to negotiate at that time and that I had to take time off from my job to do it. Therefore, before sipping my tea, I grabbed the magic sac and threw in the microwave for two minutes, then placed it hot on my lower back. I put on a warm wool sweater and had my tea.

I even took a hot bath with Epsom salt, just to ensure that everything was going back to normal. After the bath, I continued to keep the magic sac on my lower back area until it was getting cold, placing it back each forty minute.


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