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Journal of my life

Journal of my life - Annie Wheeler

I was recently thinking about my life, about the way things turned out, and I realized that I have achieved, done, seen or witnessed a lot of great things. Things that most of the regular people only dream of or hear of in a movie, or while watching television. I visited over fifty countries, I lived in six countries, spread on different continents, and I have learnt four other languages than my mother tongue. Not bad for a thirty something old woman, right?

I have been blessed with a good health and strong feet. That kept me going. I have run, walked, hiked and biked all of my life. I rarely drove. Not because I don’t have a driver’s license. Simply because I prefer a slower pace and less pollution. Now, don’t imagine that I never drove, taken a train or an airplane.

I have extensively travelled for almost ten years. Ten years of being constantly on the road, of living from a suitcase. Most of the people I have met during my travels confessed that they would have not been able to accommodate to such a lifestyle. I replied that anything can be changed and taught. It’s just a matter of time until everyone will realize that the happiness comes from owning less and giving more. Giving others a hand, a chance, a flower, a smile.

I learnt how to live a minimalist life and that enabled me to take advantage of any opportunity arises my way, without worrying about my possessions. Less is better.

I tried to explain to my friends and family that as soon as they start declutter they houses, their hearts will feel better. When I go visit them, I am always surprised to see how many things they hoarder in their houses. I personally feel pressed, I get claustrophobic. I like simple things, open areas and spaces where energies can flow unobstructed by anything.

Upon my return home, I registered to a group training Mississauga. I needed to continue being active and be in shape. Since the temperature outside did not allow me to go running, I thought that going to the gym might substitute my training.

I had passed next to this fitness club a few times while I was out doing my groceries, but I never stopped to check it out. I had a look at it online and I liked what I saw. Their website convinced me that was the proper place for me. Thus, I register and paid for a six months membership.


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