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Living with mom

Living with mom - Annie Wheeler

Ever since my mom has moved in with me, I find myself wondering why didn't I take this step earlier? I should have done this years back. It would have certainly made my life a lot more easier. Specially when the kids were young, it would have been  terrific to have her close. I would have had more time for myself and I would have not felt exhausted so oftenly.
Maybe because of our stormy relationship we had after my dad’s passing I was not able to get close to her. Maybe because at that point I was still blaming her for not being by his side on his last days on this Earth. Maybe because I was too judgy and believed that her pride prevented her from helping him and forgiving him on his deathbed.
Ten years later down the road, I got a different perspective, as I learnt the other side of the story. Back then I was not willing to listen to her side of the story. Though once I did, it all made sense.
Her story had all the answers to the questions I had in my mind about him getting himself in that position first of all. 
I felt horrible when I realized how harsh I have been with her. For almost one year I believed she will never forgive me. She did. I am so happy she did. 
Now, it’s been almost eight months since we live under the same roof. I don’t think that there was a moment when we felt uncomfortable with each other’s presence. Most of the times, we’d cook meals together and giggle like kids over a glass of wine. Okay, maybe two glasses.
Anyway, I feel like I am getting my life back. I have more time for myself since she’s living with us. I even took a free fitness class Mississauga because now I don’t have to worry about hiring a babysitter to stay with my kids while I’m out. 
The girls love her a lot. They enjoyed spending time with her because she is always spoiling them rotten. At first, they were a bit reluctant to be around her and get her involved in their daily routine. After one week, she had both of them glued to her. Whatever she did, it worked. Now grandma is the one who knows all of their secrets. If I need to know something about them, I ask my mom. She’s up to date with every single detail in their lives.


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