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Making plans

Making plans - Annie Wheeler

One week since I returned home and everything seems to unreal. It’s unbelievable how many things changed during this trip. I left broken heart thinking of all the things I had to go through lately, and I returned happy as a clam at high water. All my happiness is due to the fact I was 

luckily invited to a party where I reconnected with my first love.

The only thing that did not change since I am back are my headaches. I guess I will go try a treatment for Chronic Migraine Rosemere, as my friend Jessica suggested. I have so many things to plan and do, that I can’t afford any down time. 

I can’t believe that I have finally found him. It still feels like if it was a dream. I had to pinch myself during the flight or look at the photos we took together, to convince myself that everything was real. Oh, how grateful I am to have met him once more! How happy I am to have found so many truths, so many untold stories that he carried with you for so many years. I couldn’t have asked for more!

When I asked God to give me a sign that he was fine and happy, I honestly did not expect Him to send him to my parents’ door. I was thinking His response would be more mystical, more subtle. 

When he told me that he has been trying to contact me for more than a decade without any luck, I froze. That’s because I have been looking for him as well. I did not bother to question my parents why they did not mention anything to me about he asking for me. It would have not changed anything. It was water under the bridge. 

Now that I am back, with a ring on my hand, I have to start the sponsorship papers. I am so thrilled that he agreed to move over here. As much as I would enjoy living there, I don’t stand a chance of getting a job that offers the same pay or benefits. 

Living within North America seemed more appealing to me, than dropping everything and trying to start a new career over there. It was not not about the language or the connections. Those would not have been a problem. It was mainly about leaving behind all of the things I have built here.


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