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The missing box

The missing box - Annie Wheeler

This morning I received a phone call from the company who do residential moving montreal, which I used during my last move. They finally found my missing box. It’s been almost a month since I am calling and pressing them to find and return to me the box that got lost during transportation.

I never understood how that was possible. It had never happened to me before. Initially I thought that I might have forgotten it in my old house, so I did not bother much. Two days later when I passed by to pick it up, I noted that it was not there. Then I remembered that my dad helped me put the boxes inside the moving truck.

Thus I called him right away and asked if he remembered placing it inside the truck. He said that he had placed it on top of the desk, right between my two big bean bags. He had seen the red scotch tape on it and imagined it was fragile. Therefore he ensured it was safe between the two beanbags.

After talking to him, I looked in my phone for the company’s number. I needed to retrieve the box and they were the only guys who could have helped me. The person who answered on the other side of the line seemed completely annoyed by my call, even before I said “Hello!” I ignored her irritated voice and inquired about the two men who helped me move.

I remembered one of them had an Italian name like Marco, while the other’s name was out of my mind. All I could come up with was that he was in his early fifties and spoke only French with a heavy Quebec accent. I could not understand a word from what he was saying. Each time he had asked me something, I had to have his colleague translate or explain to me what he was saying.

When I finally got Marco on the phone, he mentioned that he had no idea where the missing box was. He ensured me that the truck was completely empty when they have left my new residence. He added that he had personally folded the protection blankets used for my furniture and had not seen any box laying around.

I insisted asking him to double check the truck and verify if his colleague or the office knew anything about it. He mumbled he would get back to me soon. I was hoping I would hear from him by the end of the day, but he never contacted me. I called again the company and requested to make a written complaint. It took couple of more calls until I heard back from them.

The content of the missing box was important to me. It did not contain valuable items. Whatever was inside had a great emotional value to me. There were all my family albums which included photos from my childhood and my wedding.


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