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The missing payment

The missing payment - Annie Wheeler

This evening I called my sister to see what happened with Trevor, my nephew, about his exams. He is a med student, in his last year. He will graduate university in November. Back home, in Europe, the educational system is slightly different than here. 

Anyway, my nephew is having these days his last exams. After his graduation, he will be a resident for two more years, then he will be a doctor. Actually, he is considered a doctor after graduation. His speciality will be urology. I was surprised that he changed his mind. Last year he was inclined to choose legal medicine, as he always wished to be a forensic. 

Then my sister explained to me that within their province there were only seven positions for forensics, but none of them was open. If he would have chosen forensic medicine, he would have had to be a resident doctor for at least four or five years, until one of the positions would become available. 

Thus he decided to change his specialty to urology. He was never tempted to choose pediatrics, or gynecology, as all the family members had suggested. I remembered once he answered that he had considered pediatrics, but the thought of dealing with the parents’ insanity turned him off.

Although I left my country many many years ago, I kept a strong connection with my family. We speak very often and we visit each other whenever we can. I wanted to be part of my nephew’s and nieces’ lives, even if I am far away. Being always in contact, enabled us to still feel like a family, in spite of the distance between us. 

As soon as I got home from work, I called my sister. I was thrilled to hear that he passed his exam and that he got an A minus. I was really proud of him. While I was talking to her, I remembered that I had some unopened letters in my purse, that I got from my mailbox downstairs.

One of the letters was from a lender, from whom I got my private loan montreal. I opened it rapidly and zig-zag read it. They were informing me that I had missed my last payment. They were inviting me to contact them and fix the issue. As I was reading it, I wondered what had happened. How could I have missed a payment. I was convinced there was a misunderstanding. 

Once I was talking to my sister, I went straight to the computer and checked my bank account, to see that they were right. One of my checks bounced.


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