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SEO’s dead? Don’t believe it for a second

SEO’s dead? Don’t believe it for a second - Annie Wheeler

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t read an article that says that the SEO algorithms are dead and there is no reason for companies to worry about this anymore. Just build a website and it will do well. Really? How will it do well? Just because that simply makes no sense!

The truth is that SEO is alive and well. This is still a key ingredient in how search engines determine the ranking of websites. Yes, it is true that these algorithms that are used by the search engines have changed drastically, but the idea behind how a search engine knows how to rank something is still very much alive.

So why do people say that SEO is dead? The truth lies in the misunderstanding about SEO. Too many people think that they have a clue about how the search engines work to rank websites. The fact of the matter is that they just don’t. They talk a big game but have no real substance to their words.

The other factor that relates to this is that many don’t understand the changes that have occurred. The used to really get the algorithms well, but since they don’t anymore they have decided that they don’t really work at all. The people behind these algorithms have changed many things, they have gotten much smarter, and so the search engines are much smarter. This is where the changes have occurred.

I worked with many different businesses that are looking to find ways to improve the finances of the business. This includes a wide variety of different methods. One of those, quite frankly, is the use a company who’s doing SEO Montreal. Before you assume that I am only saying it to use a company like this because I work with them, understand that I find ways for my clients to better succeed. I don’t provide information without them and benefiting. I don’t help one company to screw another. That simply isn’t good business.

With that in mind, I have seen the vast majority of companies that I have assisted with their websites by adding SEO techniques see a dramatic increase in the amount of traffic that came to their site. This works, so if some think the process is dead, they should think again. It is clearly alive and well.


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