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Surprise! But what a surprise!

Surprise! But what a surprise! - Annie Wheeler

Today I had lunch with one of my oldest friends. We were classmates in high school and college. Both of us moved from Europe to Canada and our lives followed a similar path. Throughout the years we discover that we had a great deal of things in common. Not necessarily because we shared the same background. We were kindred souls, I would say.

When I met him today, I was shocked to see how much he changed within the past eight months that we have not seen each other. He had lost a lot of weight and he looked stunning. I think that it was for the first time in my life that I found him attractive. He used to be on the chubby side all his life. No offense! To each their own!

I was so anxious to find out all the details of his recent makeover, that I cancelled my plans for the rest of the day. Thus we spent a few hours together and I listened to an incredible story.

At the beginning at the year he had started to invest in cryptocurrencies. It turned out that within less than six months he made a lot money, which he reinvested within different other cryptocurrencies, not only Bitcoin.

The newly found wealth motivated him to change his lifestyle. He started to see a dietitian and followed his recommendations. Within less than two months he had seen some amazing results. He dropped coupled of sizes. In addition, he decided to finally go to the gym and work out.

You would think that money would make people be more lenient on themselves. Well, not in his case! His new goal was to live healthy and travel the world. He actually dropped his full-time job in order to pay more attention to his new money making process. He had an office providing home automated service. He became a sort of security guru in his circle of friends. I was impressed by his story and I liked seeing him happy.

He tried to convince that I had to give the new cryptocurrencies a chance, saying that this was the future for everyone. He gave me lots of advices on how to invest and what to look for when deciding which markets to choose from. I told him that I wasn’t ready to do it. I was still reluctant to put money in something like that. To me, it all looked like a Ponzi scheme, but that was only my opinion.


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