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They Need to Sort Out The Road

They Need to Sort Out The Road - Annie Wheeler

We've had a spell of bad weather recently. Snow and ice, that sort of thing. Of course, as anybody knows, that sort of weather generally starts to take its toll on the asphalt over time, especially when the city council decides on putting grit down to try and make the snow a little easier to drive on.

Happily the weather has cleared up in recent days but it has revealed a lovely new surprise for us regular road user: potholes. There are a whole bunch of them that seem to have come out of nowhere. None of them are particularly big just yet but I really think that somebody needs to come in and get some asphalt Edmonton to fill them in before they start to become a serious problem.

Hopefully it should be a quick fix so I'll be phoning up the local authorities soon to make sure that they have an asphalt company ready to come out and fix the problem as soon as possible. After all, the longer it gets left the worse those holes are going to become.

It's making the daily drive into work a little bit more of a chore as well. The roads were nice and smooth before this bad weather hit and I could happily cruise along without having to worry about my suspension holding up. Now I'm barely a few minutes into my drive and I feel a bit of a jolt as I hit another of these holes. It can't be any good for the tires in the long run and I’m really hoping that I won't have to get anything repaired as a result of them.

It's nobody's fault of course. It just happens to be the situation after a spell of bad weather. Still, I and everybody else that uses the roads pay our taxes so I think it's only fair that we expect issues to be resolved as they arise.

I'm hoping that in the next couple of days I will see an asphalt company start making their way down the street and gradually filling in all of these little potholes. At the end of the day it's safer for road users and ensures that there is as little wear and tear going on with our cars as possible. Frankly I really don't fancy a trip to the garage because of some hole in the road.


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