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What a day!

What a day! - Annie Wheeler

Today was definitely not my lucky day. My MacBook crashed in the morning when I was trying to upload online my presentation. I freaked out, because I worked on it for two weeks, and I needed today. This was the second time my beloved MacBook Pro died on me without a notice. The first time was only a few weeks ago, when I had to have the mother board replaced at Best Buy by the Geek squad.

My frustration reached its limits a few hours later, when I had to work on an old IBM laptop, which had installed both Windows month and Ubuntu software on it. Pointless to say that it was not working as fast or as well as I desperately wanted it. I hated the experience. It’s true that once you went Mac, you never come back! After using Mac for the past eight years, and enjoying all its user friendly features, it was simply torture to work on an old piece of crap, praying that I would get to see my paper finished.

While I was getting annoyed by the entire situation, I realized how many things I took for granted when it came to computers. I didn't have to deal with the whole anti-virus mumbo jumbo each year. My beloved laptop (which I recently called “the betrayer” kept me safe. I was able to do my work on it anywhere I travelled. It did save me a lot of precious time by allowing me to install any software I needed without any problem.

Today, on the IBM laptop, for ten minutes of work, I had to spend three hours in order to update the laptop and make it compatible with the software I was using for my project. First, it said my antivirus was expired, and then, my screen froze. I restarted it and start doing the updates. Then I had to download a newer version of the Opera browser which was no longer supported by the system.

A few moments later, the connection to the internet failed and I had to power cycle the modem. Within no longer than ten minutes, while I was trying to install my software, it froze again. I am not a tech savvy person, and I did feel like banging face against the wall from than once!

In the end, after almost four hours of nerve wrecking experience, I managed to upload the project into the company’s server. I think I smoked more than half of pack today because of this. When I finally made it to the office, I ran into the marketing internet technician from our company. He is a young guy, in his twenties. I told him that today I went back in time and I worked with an IBM from the early 2000. He was very amused by my story. At least, someone found it funny.


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