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What to do if you have mold in your clothes

What to do if you have mold in your clothes - Annie Wheeler

So you notice that your clothes are starting to get some unusual patches to them or there is a smell on them that you simply can’t get rid of. It is very troublesome to you because this may be ruining a favorite shirt or set of clothes for you. You just don’t get what it could be.

One suggestion I will give you is that it could be mold. Yes, your clothes can get mold on them even if you regularly wear them. That is at least what happened to me.

I had my clothes stored in a closet where the back of the closet was against the outer wall to the home. There was a small leak in the siding that was allowing water in between the walls and as it got hot mold was building up. That eventually started to reach my clothes and before I knew it that smell and look was on my favorite sweaters. It was very distressing.

The problem was that I had no real idea how to get rid of the mold. I asked some friends and they told me that the only solution was to get rid of them – that I had to throw them out. These were expensive sweaters, so I did not want to do that. That is when I consulted a person who took care of mold removal Montreal. These are the suggestions that she gave to me.

The first thing she told me was to apply vinegar to it. What she recommended was putting the sweaters in the washer and adding about ¾ of a cup of vinegar to the wash. This, she explained, would stop the fermentation process and get rid of most types of molds.

She then recommended that after they came out of the wash I needed to take a brush and brush out the mold growth that may have remained. I needed to be careful not to damage the sweater, but this was a great way to loosen and remove any particles that might have been left over.

Lastly, she told me that to dry the sweaters I should leave them out in the hot sun all day. Doing this would kill off the remainder of the mold that may be still trying to hang on.

I wound up doing these things and it worked! Now I can wear my clothes and feel confident again.


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