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Whining - Annie Wheeler

How often did it happen to you to step on one of your kids’ toys and sprain your ankle? How many times did you have to tell your children to pick up their toys before going to sleep? Did they conform to your request? Or you had to shout to make them understand you were serious?

When I had only the twins I found it was easier to handle the house chores, meals preparation and the kids. Once our family grew and two more children came along, I have a hard time taking care of the house and the kids. I am seriously thinking of hiring a nanny. I feel like I am way over my head. The laundry baskets are always full. The kitchen sinks are filled with dirty dishes. The floors are covered with all sorts of toys.

Whenever I clean the house, it never stays clean for more than ten minutes. As soon as I finish cleaning and I sit down to take a break, there is always something happening. One of the kids has to do something. Draw on the wall, spill the juice on the floor, put cheerios all over the floor or scatter a box of toys all around the room.

Sometimes I get annoyed with them, and I wish I had my mother here to help me out. I don’t know how other mothers are able to do all this, and still have the time to look pretty and nice. I can’t even remember the last time I had some ME time. I have been trying to go for a facial for months, but that wasn’t possible. Soon enough my eyebrows will turn into a rainbow.

I have been trying to convince my husband accept the idea of having someone helping me, but he does not look to enthusiastic about it.

According to him, I could quit my part-time job and have more time. What he doesn’t get is that we won’t be able to pay back the second mortgage broker. The reason I went to work was to ensure he had enough money to pay off the loan by the end of next year.

Lately it becomes difficult for us to communicate. Some days I look at him and I wonder if we would still be together in different circumstances. The kids changed us both. I am not as fun as I used to be. Not easy to do that when you are a mother of four. And he, the love of my life, turned into a white collar office worker, who has no time for anyone or anything. In a nutshell, we live two different worlds that once in a way accidentally collide.


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